Paris Diary

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Last weekend I packed my stripes and beret, and hopped on the Eurostar for a whirlwind weekend in Paris.

I’ve been dreaming of this weekend for months – my Pinterest is overflowing with artistic shots of the Eiffel Tower from pretty much every angle – and I was definitely not disappointed.

Highlights of the visit included exploring the cathedrals of Sacre-Cœur and Notre Dame, watching the painters at Montmartre, eating traditional crêpes with butter and sugar from the street carts, a trip up the Eiffel Tower, wandering aimlessly along the Champs-Élysées, absorbing the incredible beauty at the Louvre, bravely trying escargot and foie gras, celebrating a memorable Australia Day at the hostel bar, and generally eating and drinking far too much.

I had such an incredible time in The City of Love, but was most disappointed that I didn’t find myself serenaded by any cute French boys. C’est la vie, maybe next time.

Nicole x

27 thoughts on “Paris Diary

  1. Wonderful photos! When my wife and I decide to take a city break, we always postpone Paris in favour of something further afield, but the draw of Paris is getting to strong to ignore. I strongly expect that’ll be our next trip, and your write-up has probably sealed it :)

      • If you like medieval towns, Rhodes Town on the Greek island of Rhodes is wonderful. We have been to that region 3 times: Aegina (tiny island near Athens), Kos and Rhodes. They are all lovely, but Rhodes is the pick of them for me. If you go, I recommend staying in Rhodes Town itself, so that you can have plenty of time to explore the old part of the town (it is working, and isn’t small).

        I have only visited Italy once as an adult, and loved it! We went to Milan, but I’m sure any part of the country is just as nice. So much history exuding from everywhere. It was funny seeing how vain all the guys (even schoolboys) in Milan were, checking their reflections in shop and car windows at every opportunity – fully living up to the stereotype! If I had to pick just one country in Europe to explore, it’d be Italy! I do want to see more of Spain too though, where my mum is from! :)

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