10 thoughts on “About

  1. Did I miss something—a concealed button perhaps? That’s it? One page, no comments, and three likes?

    Well … good luck anyway …

  2. Apologies, and Bellelynx is quite right. I’m an old dog used to buttons being labelled and stuff—using full page to view I didn’t even notice those three (wow! Talk about subtle) wee lines way over on the left …

    • Argus…another tip to make navigating WP blogs easier…you can always click on the blog’s title, either on it’s logo, or in the upper left corner of the WP black navigation bar. Both ways will take you to the main page of a blog, if you happen to land on a page, or if you just want to return back to the main page.

  3. Hi Nicole – Your site is fabulous and stupendous!!!! I have been searching for a ‘free’ theme for my poetry and fine-art photography, plowing along through all the possibles, until I found Syntax AND then I saw what you had done with ‘Floraly Spring’!!!!!! I’m a minimalist in photography and a surrealist in my poetry – I love lean and uncluttered + the personal ‘touch’, so your site is an inspiration to me in so many contexts. Plus, you are a VERY good photographer!!! My heartfelt gratitude to you for being out there for me to find!!!!! Want to see my poetry and photography? Well, here’s the web address (and please tell any and all about my site!!!!!): BRAVURAPHOTOGRAPHY.SMUGMUG.COM. And, something I crow about too much, as of yesterday morning, 11,731 people had viewed JUST my poetry galleries on Bravura in the last 30 DAYS!!!! Very truly, Steve Peery in New Haven, CT. By the way, my personal email is on the site but here it is anyway (you can also leave a comment at the bottom of any gallery on Bravura and Smug will notitify me): ULTRAUP9@GMAIL.COM

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